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potassium silicate


     potassium silicate

Ürün Kodu : KSİ
Ürün Özellikleri
Appearance Filtered viscous liquid Module by Weight, SiO2 / K2O 1.90-2.10 Molecular Module, SiO2 / K2O 2.90-3.30 Bé (20 ° C) 40-43 ETY 003
 Sipariş        Detaylar
potassium silicate Appearance Filtered viscous liquid Module by Weight,
SiO2 / K2O 1.80-2.20
Molecular Module, SiO2 / K2O 2.95-3.40
Bé (20 ° C) 40-42
Density (gr / cm3 1.38-1.42
K2O, (%) 12-13
Na2O (%) Max. 0.6
SiO2, (%) 26-28
Viscosity (cP, 20oC) 200-300
Uses Woodwork protection against fire Impregnation of wood with a potassium silicate solution is an easy and low cost way for rendering the woodwork of houses secure against catching fire. The woodwork is first saturated with a diluted and nearly neutral solution of potash silicate. After drying, one or two coats of a more concentrated solution are usually applied.[2] Horticulture In horticulture, potassium silicate is used as a soluble source of potassium and silicon. It makes the growing medium more alkaline. It is also used as a supplement (in conjunction with normal fertilizer) for the numerous benefits that increasing the availability of silicon compounds has. Silicon-containing compounds are valuable to a plant, and serve to support the plant. Stems thicken, the plant becomes more tolerant to drought and resists wilting, and the plant gets larger leaves and fruit (because the stem can support more weight).[3] The thicker cell walls of the plant also provides an added mechanical resistance to sap sucking insects (e.g. spider mite) and various pathogenic fungi (e.g. powdery mildew). Industrial uses Some metal cleaning formulations use potassium silicate, which also serves as a corrosion inhibitor.[4] It also finds various uses in the fabrication of welding rods or even of cosmet
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